Vmware vRealize Business: Costing and Implementation

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Описание курса

Цель курса:

  • Understand the vRealize Business system components
  • Understand, create, and manage cost models, hierarchies, allocations, and dimensions
  • Use prebuilt contents to analyze IT costs
  • Read data from various sources into the system
  • Manipulate data and perform calculations to get bottom-line results
  • Create various types of reports, dimensional reports, and dashboards
  • Use dimensions to manage your organization’s structures
  • Create and manage Web forms, reports, security, and permissions in the vRealize Business environment 

Предварительная подготовка:

Understanding of concepts presented in the VMware Data Center Virtualization Fundamentals course or VCA-DCV certification.


IT and business professionals who seek to understand IT finance management and related skills such as costing, reporting, and management.

Содержание курса:

VMware vRealize™ Business™ (formerly VMware IT Business Management Suite™) provides transparency and control over the costs and quality of IT services, enabling the CIO to align IT with the business and accelerate IT transformation. This four-day training course discusses IT costing as well as configuring and managing vRealize Business. This course will give you an understanding of the concepts and functionality of IT finance management with vRealize Business.

 1 Course Introduction

  • Introductions and Course Logistics
  • Course Objectives

2 System Overview

  • System Components
  • Full System Demonstration, Including Prebuilt Dashboards

3 Cost Models

  • Creating a Cost Model
  • Cost Model, Hierarchies, and Dimensions

4 Allocations

  • Allocation Types
  • Uploading Allocations
  • Overriding Allocations and Direct Cost Routing

5 Data Adaptors

  • Adapter Types
  • Adapter Configuration

6 Flows and Operators

  • Creating and Managing Flows
  • Adding Operators (Aggregate, Filter, Evaluate, Unify, Join)

7 Dimension Management

  • Building and Managing Dimensions
  • Using Dimension Aliases

8 Web Forms

  • Creating Web Form Adapters
  • Using Various Field Types, Including Dimensions and Value Sets
  • Setting Up Constraints

9 Reports

  • Table, Pie, Bar, Line Reports
  • Attributes, Filters, and Drill-Downs
  • Report Management (Publishing, Permissions, Dashboards)

10 Security and Permissions

  • Users and User Group Management
  • Roles, Domains, and Permissions

11 Dimensional Reports

  • Identify and Roll-Up Operators
  • Dimensional Reports and Drill-Down
  • Advanced User Permission and Dimensional Reports

12 Additional Content

  • Best Practices, View Adapter, Accumulator Operator
  • Flow Manager, Batches, and Scheduling
  • Web Form Data Collection, Data Adjustments, Booklets
Информация курса

Курс проводится в Киеве, ул.Шота Руставели 39/41, 8-й этаж , офис 803. Язык курса — русский.

Тренер курса: Игорь Паламарчук Игорь Паламарчук
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