Oracle Database 12c: Analytic SQL for Data Warehousing

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Описание курса:

This Oracle Database 12c: Analytic SQL for Data Warehousing training teaches you how to use Analytic SQL to aggregate, analyze, report and model data. Interact with expert Oracle University instructors. In this course, you will be introduced to Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service.

Приобретаемые навыки:

Learn To:

  • Use SQL with aggregation operators, SQL for Analysis and Reporting functions.
  • Group and aggregate data using the ROLLUP and CUBE operators, the GROUPING function, Composite Columns and the concatenated Groupings.
  • Analyze and report data using Ranking functions, the LAG/LEAD Functions and the PIVOT and UNPIVOT clauses.
  • Perform advanced pattern matching.
  • Use regular expressions to search for, match and replace strings.

Аудитория курса:

Enrolling in this course will help data warehouse builders and implementers, database administrators, system
administrators and database application developers to better design, maintain and use data warehouses.

 Предварительные требовани:

Before attending this course, you should be familiar with the following: relational database concepts, data warehouse
theory and implementation, Oracle server concepts )including application and server tuning) and the operating system
environment on which the Oracle Database Server is running. You'll use Oracle SQL Developer to develop program
units. SQL*Plus is introduced as an optional tool.

Required Prerequisites:

Data Warehouse design, implementation, and maintenance experience
Familiarity with Oracle SQL Developer and SQL*Plus
Familiarity with SQL
Good working knowledge of the SQL language

Содержание курса:


  • Course Objectives, Course Agenda and Class Account Information
  • Describe the Schemas and Appendices used in the Lesson
  • Overview of SQL*Plus Environment
  • Overview of SQL Developer
  • Overview of Analytic SQL
  • Oracle Database SQL and Data Warehousing Documentation

Grouping and Aggregating Data Using SQL

  • Generating Reports by Grouping Related Data
  • Review of Group Functions
  • Reviewing GROUP BY and HAVING Clause
  • Using the ROLLUP and CUBE Operators
  • Using the GROUPING Function
  • Working with GROUPING SET Operators and Composite Columns
  • Using Concatenated Groupings with Example

Hierarchical Retrieval

  • Using Hierarchical Queries
  • Sample Data from the EMPLOYEES Table
  • Natural Tree Structure
  • Hierarchical Queries: Syntax
  • Walking the Tree: Specifying the Starting Point
  • Walking the Tree: Specifying the Direction of the Query
  • Using the WITH Clause
  • Hierarchical Query Example: Using the CONNECT BY Clause

Working with Regular Expressions

  • Introducing Regular Expressions
  • Using the Regular Expressions Functions and Conditions in SQL and PL/SQL
  • Introducing Metacharacters
  • Using Metacharacters with Regular Expressions
  • Regular Expressions Functions and Conditions: Syntax
  • Performing a Basic Search Using the REGEXP_LIKE Condition
  • Finding Patterns Using the REGEXP_INSTR Function
  • Extracting Substrings Using the REGEXP_SUBSTR Function

Analyzing and Reporting Data Using SQL

  • Overview of SQL for Analysis and Reporting Functions
  • Using Analytic Functions
  • Using the Ranking Functions
  • Using Reporting Functions

Performing Pivoting and Unpivoting Operations

  • Performing Pivoting Operations
  • Using the PIVOT and UNPIVOT Clauses
  • Pivoting on the QUARTER Column: Conceptual Example
  • Performing Unpivoting Operations
  • Using the UNPIVOT Clause Columns in an UNPIVOT Operation
  • Creating a New Pivot Table: Example

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